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Cambridge Analytica shuts down (CNET News)

The political consulting firm at the heart of the recent Facebook privacy scandal shuts down after mounting legal fees and exiting clients. Official: Cambridge …

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  1. does anybody want to try and convince me that the people running this company are just going to go find another profession or are they going to start a new company and continue doing the same thing they've done for years.

  2. And by the way, does FB really think that by having this company close it’s doors that Americans will then be trusting FB again?

    Hell NO! There is so much involvement in FB by government agencies spying on Americans that closing the doors to this one FRONT COMPANY won’t stop the REAL DAMAGE.

    Who do you think FUNDED FB back in the day?? Zuckerberg wasn’t even the true creator….they probably wanted Zuckerberg to appear to be the owner because he is obviously a weirdo and the government could control this asshole. What a DWEEB!!

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