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Cassini crashes into Saturn ending its 20 year mission

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft took its final plunge into the atmosphere of Saturn this morning. The spacecraft sent its last signal back to Earth at approximately 5:00 …

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  1. then how are we going to find life in other planets if we wont examine and see them up close going all this distance and not landed were hypothetically life could be found this such a waste of time and money

  2. Why in the world did we just crash it. Aren't there way better things to do with it than destroy billions of dollars in a few keystrokes? Like I understand where haters are coming from with the tax money and all that and I like the exploration but when you just blow it up then yeah, it's a waste of money and Saturn research can never benefit us!

  3. NASA has no idea what they've just done. Crashing that probe into Saturn may have triggered an interplanetary War. The Saturians are normally a peaceful people but this purposeful Act can be seen as hostel and an act of War. God help us all.

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