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CNET’s best tech of CES 2018

From an Alexa-enabled microwave, a rollable OLED screen, to a robotic dog, these are all the products that impressed us at CES in 2018. Subscribe to CNET: Check out…

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  1. I've noticed this year CNET didn't really do long features on different products. The tv feature was kind of scant, and they didn't really have many others, just several 2 minute videos. Looks like this year's show was in general, rather flat.

  2. The 2018 AIBO dog is cool, but only 22 motors isn't very many. How can it have 4,000 parts and only 22 motors. Basically… A childs robot on Amazon for $30.00 can have 14 motors. For $100.00 you'll get a robot with 18 motors. The Dobi F8 robot is about 18 or so motors, maybe more, and on sale is $270.00. So…Why then is the new robot dog costing over a thousand bucks????

  3. The Razer laptop / phone combination is seriously cool but was done before a couple of years ago so isnt a new idea. Also with people changing their phone every year 1-3 years why would anyone buy it and then have to replace the laptop a year later as it doesnt work with their new phone.

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