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Dell XPS 15 makes a run at the MacBook Pro

New hexa-core processors and discrete graphics highlight updates to Dell’s 15.6-inch laptops and refreshed all-in-ones. For more on Dell’s 2018 lineup, check out CNET:…

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  1. The XPS with the 6 core i7 8th gen
    That vivid nearly bezzel less screen
    That GTX 1050 ti
    And the whopping 21 hours of battery life WTF
    Take my money Dell!

  2. Firstly, it's DELL… i don't know about the US, but in the UK they are a horrible company. Customer support is one of the worse and they take ages to actually come and fix problems (which often relates to cheap components used).

    Secondly, the specs on this are a bit all over the place and very misleading – the 4K screen is an upgrade, the hard drive has weird upgradable choices, the keyboard is cheap, the trackpad is cheap, the body is questionable (looks plastic), and the ports are a little old school.

    Keep your distance from this – there are other laptops that are better.

  3. Thing is it's not just hardware that draws so many people to the macbook…its the software experience as well.. something windows can't currently match

  4. Horrible customer support. Low quality parts which often fail 1-2 year mark. Shitty windows OS. Non existent windows mobile integration. Amateur app store. Keep dreaming about competing with MacBook Pro.

  5. I'm no engineer but i think i have an idea I think they should try to bury the webcam inside the chassis of the laptop the webcam itself it will be flushed of course when not in use , and when activated the camera will pop-up. similar mechanism to those popup car headlights in some old cars .

  6. Please stop the camera below display trend. I’m begging now. I don’t mind the top bezel being a bit thicker and the bottom being slimmer. It would make it even more pleasing from the symmetrical standpoint. Putting the camera where people do not want to use is not really different than not having camera at all. A lot of people need to use it for video conferences and it is not professional to have it angling up your chin.

  7. Up to a Core i9, 1050Ti, 4-lane TB3, & up to 32GB RAM. Yes, please! I have a 9550 w/32GB RAM, the smaller 56W batter so I could install my EVO 950 1TB SATA drive, so this will be a nice replacement and I get to reuse all of my accessories.

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