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Dell’s new XPS 13 first look

The premium ultraportable continues to be the world’s smallest 13-inch laptop and you don’t sacrifice battery life or performance to get it. Subscribe to CNET: Check…

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  1. I own the XPS 13 from last gen.. 2016 I think it was..? Beautiful design RUINED by the optional touch screen for extra money.. on top of that they further made me made by having no 1080P touch display option.. why not the best of both worlds?

    Here is what bothers me about this gorgeous Dell laptop.. no touchscreen as standard base.. all touch panel options will be forced as high resolution options plus further premiumizations.. battery life claims are based on lowest end models.. 20 hours is likely base base base package and likely ideling.. if you opt for 1440P or 4K display and touchscreen and anything extra.. expect closer to 12 hours ideling and much larger drop in usage pushing those extra pixels and shit.. on top of that dell will send all reviewers incorrect material to read off to us, like 20hours of battery and speeds of 9999999x this and that.. but send them premium but stripped slightly model.. so expect reviewers to give very very high praise and love it buy expect nothing like that when you buy it.

    Also dell will likely never opt for Ryzen Apu inside of one of these even though same 15 watts as Intel part and GPU power will be 4x igpu of Intel parts and could will be comparable as well.. I'm guessing that is because Intel is still in Dell's back pockets paying them ..

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