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Equifax hack may affect up to 143M people, Google Drive changes coming

In this week’s wrap-up, credit-reporting company Equifax says it was the victim of an enormous data breach. Meanwhile, Google lets the world know its plan to …

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  1. Daca is unconstitutional was illegal from the get go. Obama said it himself. It's an over extended executive action. Taking the right to make policy/laws from Congress.

    Undocumented workers are illegal Aliens, meaning they are Criminals by definition. They should apply for citizenship while they can, become a legal American pay taxes. If they don't become citizens or apply after this 6 month window of inaction on them (which the video failed to mention) they will deported that's if congress can't pull together on Immigration policy. These Daca receptions are leeching off the American tax payer (as well as other illegals) these people are getting free(gov/tax paid) college tuition while legal Americans can't go to college without student debt or can't go at all.

  2. Equifax are incompetent and should be required to fix, pay for any identity theft issues for life at no cost to victims. I don't use Google Drive because all Clouds are Spyware. Apple is Full of Shit!

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