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Everything you can expect at Apple’s iPhone Event (Apple Byte)

We’ll break down everything we know about the new iPhone, the Apple Watch Series 3 and the 4K Apple TV before Apple’s September keynote. Subscribe to …

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  1. It's all about android! It's all about android! Can't really do much with Apple products by the way. So if you're with android or are using android devices, awesome awesome awesome! Apple does great with the products, but their software really really stinks. What do you think? Leave me a feedback.

  2. Having a big dilemma. Only had one iPhone many years ago, was the 3G S. Mine was very glitchy and hated the whole time I had it. Since then I've only had android phones. Had two Sony's and then Samsung ever since. Galaxy S3, Note 3, Note 4, S6 Edge and now the S7 edge. Have become a bit of a Samsung fan boy. Currently have 3 tv's, 2 tablets, appliances, all Samsung. Pre-ordered the S8 plus but cancelled when I got to feel it. Really, really hate the finger print reader on the back. When I saw the finger print reader would not be on the front of the iPhone I decided I'd just suck it up and pre-order the Note 8. Now I'm second guessing myself. If the face id can unlock the iPhone as easy as all the reports are saying, maybe that is the phone to replace my S7 edge. It would kill me to back to Apple after years of bashing them. But now that they have the features I've loved on my Samsung phones for years like wireless charging and waterproofing (ya still have to bash Apple) maybe that will be the best!?!???

  3. I’m honestly hyped up for the event even though I’m not getting the new iPhone. I’m happy with my 7 plus. I’ll be getting the watch though. Can’t wait!

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