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First look: Android P

Lexy Savvides tries out the new Android P and shows off new features, including swiping controls for better app navigation. Subscribe to CNET: …

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  1. I do not like that new way to navigate. It needs us to swipe horizontally to the left wtf? You see way less apps that way and… it's so Apple like. Get a grip Google. Stop copying other. Especially after giving support for that stupid notch. Thanx for encouraging those chinese manufacturers (who knows nothing but to copy others) to include a notch.

  2. iOS and Android not different
    They have been stuck with shitty boring looking UI for 5 years now.
    I was expecting for some leap since we already stepped into the next era.
    According to technology book, we should have used the non-physical phone by now which means a hologram phone. Throw away the physical device.
    Where is it?

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