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Fix possible for Apple’s big MacOS ‘root’ password bug

A massive security hole in the latest MacOS High Sierra lets anyone log in without a password. There is a way to fix it yourself. Apple flaw allows MacOS High …

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  1. This is not a root trick you dummy. Anyone that has ever seen a Linux / unix computer knows that Apple made a simple mistake by not disabling root user login. To explain this would take 1min and like the journalist reporting this it's 1min more than most people's attention spans

  2. CNet this is the Root user built in to all apple units you do not need to make an account you just need to go to
    System preferences> Users> Accounts> unlock the lock icon if locked> add a user account towards the bottom left> open the directory utility> enable the root user account from the file menu> click change password. And your done you can also look for how to change root user on apple units.

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