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Galaxy S9 AR Emoji: CNET editors react

We sacrifice our faces to test Samsung’s new 3D avatars. Galaxy S9’s take on animojis look good, but don’t track your face well:…

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  1. cmon cnet really. what do you expect samsung to make your 100% anatomically correct 3d cartoon character of you. Its still way advanced as to what this phone has accomplished in making AR emoji which is almost 90% look alike to the person sitting in front. you people act like bunch of high schoolers

  2. Awkward "tech experts" upset that their instantly generated Emojis basically look exactly like them (Jessica aside). What are we expecting, the same tech that brought 1980s Arnold back in Terminator 5, crammed directly into the front-facing camera? Come on, this is just silly.

  3. LMAO 😂😂🤣🤣…. Yeah there are things that are copied as people want them like the dual speakers and there are things people could care less about like these crazy a** people-mojis. Apple animojis isn't a feature anyone really cares about so to copy it and do a worse job makes Samsung look dumb. As I've been saying Samsung is the King of Spec sheets, they want to have every feature, spec etc but do a bad job at the implementation but many users will shout that they have a new feature.

  4. Without a use of a 3D mapping of the face, it isn’t accurate. It isn’t as good as Apples. But they did go a slightly different route by trying to make you look like a actual person but it seems like it didn’t work.

  5. Hello iSheep iCopy X is completely copycat from Android.

    If you'd like to know how Samsung's AR Emoji is different from Apple's Animoji, note that it allows you to create your virtual avatar in the form of a 3D image that you can use as an emoji. There are 18 different options that you can pick to customise your avatar and share with other users – even with those who own smartphones other than the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ – in the form of GIFs, photos, or videos. Animoji, on the other hand, maps your facial expressions using the TrueDepth camera system of the iPhone X to create custom animated characters that are not human faces but options such as the recently announced lion, dragon, skull, or bear.

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