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GE Appliances made a big-ass touchscreen for your kitchen

The $600 device is like a giant tablet that’s designed to be the command center of your home. GE’s Kitchen Hub: A big-ass touchscreen above your stove:…

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  1. I like this and at $600 it's not that bad. Unfortunately, GE appliances suck! If you want something that will need multiple repairs, GE is what you buy. However, If you want something that lasts, well then, that would be Whirlpool or Speed Queen.

  2. I think it is a bad idea, the heat will be an issue, the moisture & grease will be an issue and most of all it is dangerous. I can see kids trying to mess with this to turn something on or off in the home while something is cooking on the stove and potentially getting burnt badly.

  3. I think a smart hub microwave would be more functional than just a vent. Think about it, the entire door to the microwave is the touch screen monitor and you would have the same functionality. Also what about the echo show that’s supposed to be the central amazon hub for your home?

    Cool concept and I see the future for it, but idk I think you screwed the pooch with this one by not making it a microwave.

  4. So i pull my microwave out and install this?….. So what do i do for a microwave?
    I use my microwave a heck of a lot more than i would ever use this oversized smartphone.
    you missed the mark GE, my microwave is staying put.

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