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Google-Amazon spat means no more Youtube on Fire TV (The 3:59, Ep. 328)

Starts @ 3:07 before the edit. We break down the dispute between Google and Amazon, talk about Qualcomm powered Windows PCs and discuss IOT security.

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  1. First YouTube stopped being available on Sony devices, and this led me to getting Amazon Fire TV just two weeks ago for YouTube. It has a few other conveniences, but for years, I had one device attached to my TV for streaming all this stuff and playing discs. What next, taking YouTube off Android phones?

  2. YouTube's days are numbered, it is self destructing, no big loss really, perhaps Amazon should start there own YouTube-like channel……..🤔🤔🤔👍👍👍😃😃😃

  3. For the snapdragon based laptop, from the benchmarks so far, the performance has been worse than the majority of modern netbooks, which is to be expected since it is a lower powered chip + the x86 emulation.

    A laptop with an ARM CPU will only work if they can keep the price under $200, otherwise you are better off finding a netbook with an IPS display. They can often offer 10+ hours of battery life, and if you need more, if you can find a model that supports USB power delivery, then you can get a USB power bank that supports PD, and then likely triple the battery life.

  4. Amazon does not provide its prime tv on Chromecast or Android TV for few years now! (I am forced to buy firetv if I have to watch Amazon prime). I don't understand why no one criticize amazon for this until now. Now that Google pulled youtube from Amazon devices everyone is angry at Google! Its crazy how people perceive similar actions differently!

  5. When I use a Chromebook, I am forced to use the chrome browser. Why is this? Also, I noticed a couple months ago that CNN stopped streaming live tv on my Amazon Stick so I switched to Roku. I like Amazon shopping but I can't stand their entertainment platform.

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