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Google Home’s new hot mic feature

Google makes its Assistant more conversational with new features announced at Google I/O 2018. Google Assistant sounds a little less like a robot and can …

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  1. another amateur setting off your google home. You need to learn how to use video editing software. This is how you get people to click away from your video like I just did.

  2. It still needs an improvement for that dual command thing. For example if i say google turn the tv and kitchen lights off (or something simillar) – it answers me that it doesn't understand. I know i can set a custom command but it will be a lot of work if i do that on all the tech i want to combine without mentioning what if i change some device to another room.

  3. So my Google home does not let me ask 2 questions like the George Clooney example you did. I have to ask using "hey Google" each question. It does not stay on to wait to see if I want to know he's age like it did for you. Do you know why that is? Is there any way to fix that in the settings?

  4. My google home is in the same room as my computer, and she just answered to your first question, I got scared especially because the volume was too loud. Amazing!

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