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Here’s why you shouldn’t get this GE Door in Door fridge (or any Door in Door fridge)

The $3100 GE GFD28GELDS isn’t as fancy as it looks, and its marquee feature is a pure gimmick that compromises performance. Don’t buy this — or any other …

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  1. We have an LG (door in door) fridge freezer and it works perfectly, the (door in door) feature is ideal for keeping drinks and sauces etc.

    This is just my opinion of course, but I would recommend our LG (door in door) fridge freezer any day.

  2. My LG door in door fridge Keep every food and drink very cold, it's app is also very helpful, once a bag got stuck at the back of the freezer stopping the freezer to close fully and keeping the food frozen, I downloaded and used the app for the first time so the app suggest that something was stopping the freezer from closing, problem solved!
    I agrree that door is not needed but once you get use to opening a very light fridge door compared to a normal door to get milk or any other cold drink you start to appreciate it !

  3. GE Appliances was sold off by GE a couple of years ago to some nameless Communist Chinese company. Our government was too stupid to allow GE to sell to Electrolux of Sweden. More power to the Commies!

  4. Just get a simple refrigerator without a water dispenser, ice cube maker and all of those buttons that you do not need. It will save you money and problems down the line. Simple/less is so much better. A fridge is a fridge period.

    Even if you have the money, why would you pay 3k-5k for a fridge that will just sit in your house. It is not like you are going to drive it around.

  5. Actually, i have door in door LG and it's really useful and I wouldn't ever expect that I would use it so much. Also the temperature on the door shelves is as it should. Milk and water is as cold as the rest of the interior.

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