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‘House of Cards’ S6 ends show without Kevin Spacey

Claire Underwood, not Frank, will be the focus of the final eight episodes of the Netflix original series. ‘House of Cards’ to come back… without Kevin Spacey: …

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  1. Not watching it without Frank. PASSSSS. I find it strange how all of a sudden everyone in Hollywood is a sex offender. I don't believe it and I think these people just want the spotlight on them for that short period of time. Unfortunately, with their actions, they are ruining careers and lives of people that maybe did nothing wrong.

  2. He did not harass anyone on the show. What happened 30 years ago in his personal life, as shameful as it is, has nothing to do with a great show he helped craft. People really need to start separating personal baggage and professional career in my mind.

  3. Can people who have paid hundreds of dollars buying the show get a refund. Feels like a deliberate descition that they didn't have to make based on something that may not have happened by another actor on a struggling startrek series that no-one likes who as a kid says was at a drug and alcohol fueled party without parents. what a waste of money.

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