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How Amazon Tech Can Be Tied Into Whole Foods

Checkout-free stores? Parking lot pickup? Artisanal cheese delivered in an hour? With Amazon buying Whole Foods, there are many ways to expand the online …

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  1. Too bad they won't build a Whole Foods closer to my house. It's a 20 minute drive away and I pass by literally ~10 grocery stores including three super centers, a few targets, and two meijer (hell even a dead ass Kmart). Clearly a lot of people live here, wtf bring more already. I love the produce

  2. what about five finger discount with anonymous which admittedly is under the tech thumb even though it was meant to be a none violent tech movement dismantling pretty much it's extreme…but know my ideas where too sound for you……massive homeless empire of charity church's and fat oldish ladys hipster who piss ever one off…how do they feed themselves have that much abundance..why do I collect food stamps and plan terrorist attack….give them something to do…..why do we have so many fat people…I blame the chemcial makeup of the US citizen and well this duality go do stuff but watch TV….

  3. Amazon is starting to become too big for its won good. The sooner the court can place a limit on how big they can become, the better.

    No, Amazon, I am NOT buying my food online. Unlike most things, food is actually needed to stay alive.

  4. They are opening a Whole Foods near me at the base of a condo tower, but recently removed the signage. Yet they still insisting it was going ahead. This announcement explains that a little. Hopefully non-US stores get the Amazon perks too (Canada).

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