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iOS 11 GM reveals everything about the iPhone X (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy, Ep. 99 1/2)

Read the Extra Crunchy show notes/links – There is so much to talk about before Apple’s keynote, we decided to do Episode 99 1/2 to …

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  1. I'm tired of apple giving us stuff we don't need. The iPhones are powerful enough. Most people aren't using 15 heavy apps at once. Add wireless charging, better water resistance, even better battery life. They are pouring into things that aren't useful.

  2. It's sad but ever since they fired Scott Forstall Apple's software quality went down. When they fired him for the iOS Maps "debacle " I thought they were just trying to scape goat him and find a reason to get rid of him and thought it was a huge mistake. Their is no company in the history of the world that has come out with a brand new maps app and had it be perfect from day one, of course it needed criticism but it gets better with time. But I feel Apple is taking some steps backwards, it's funny how Steve jobs used to say, "isn't it funny a ship that leaks from the top" but now we have Tim Cook wearing the new Apple Watch in public ahead of release…

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