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iPhone X: Biggest let-downs

Four things Apple should’ve done differently with its 10th anniversary iPhone. Subscribe to CNET: Check out our playlists: …

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  1. Every apple brainstorming session ever:"right guys!, time to make a new iPhone, so let's see what Samsung and other android phones have been doing and improve on it and call it new"!,

  2. Straight to the point minus that the iPhone 8 is really not that different and the X's screen real estate is almost not (maybe not at all) a benefit when it comes to games and media due to formatting issues. Thanks for the video guys!

  3. There should be a 128 GB & a 256 GB version if they were only going to offer two versions, not a 64 GB at these price points.

    They take steps backwards at times for NOOOOOOOO legit reason. If you can create a 256 GB version as maximum capacity, then logic says make the lowered version 1/2 that.

    Not crazy about another step towards facial recognition…. more lost of privacy, if you purchase the phone then your only option is that or punch in the code. Fingers recognition gave you options in various fingers.

  4. so whats next SOLAR CHARGING??????????????? get rid of the glass back the face junk and bring back the home button…. but these are my opinions…. as for the headphone jacks — bluetooth headphones are just fine for me

  5. Finally an iPhone worthy but here's my let downs:
    1. No wide angle camera
    2. No Dac
    3. No headphone jack
    4. No removable battery
    5. No ir blaster
    6. No don't facing speakers
    7. No black theme
    8. No widgets
    9. No Apple pen
    10. No SD-card
    11. I need a Plus size 6.4"
    12. I prefer ceramic back than glass
    13. Need a unlock back up like fingerprint sensor on screen or in the back or even a retina unlock.

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