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iPhone X is faster than the Galaxy S9 (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy, Ep. 121)

Early benchmarks claim the iPhone X is still king when it comes to speed. Plus: DXO Mark ranks the Galaxy S9 Plus the best phone camera and Apple’s working on a giant iPhone X Plus. Subscribe…

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  1. Anyone that would rip on a product (pro Apple or pro Samsung) based on a.benchmark score and a pre-retail release product is just letting others know they're an idiot.

  2. To anyone who says their iPhone is faster than my Android: I'd like to see you run two apps at once, access settings without going home, fit more than 25 apps on a screen, or check the time without touching your device.

    I'll be waiting

  3. except it drains your battery to the core, had iphone 4,5,6s,7 and the problem is all in the battery. it is shit compared to samsung. like really shit. people who use iphone everyday probably won't feel it until you change to samsung. iphone barely last 3 hours when used while my new samsung galaxy a7(2017) lasts much longer. after using iphone for some months the battery lifespan dropped really hard. i've been using my samsung a7 for some time noe and it does drop but just like very little of it and it could definitely lifespan a brand new iphone.

  4. Does speed even matters anymore with these new phone. Speed should be secondary nowadays. I think new innovation is more important now.

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