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iPhone X Review: 5 ways to make it better (Apple Byte)

This is the best iPhone Apple has designed, but it’s not an iPhone for everyone. Brian tells us what he likes and ways they can make it better… for the iPhone XI!

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  1. The phone is really excellent .. that screen is simply amazing .. remember the futuristic Amazon show Extant .. their phones were just slabs of glass with touch screens .. this phone really feels like that!!! Don’t really miss the Touch ID .. Face ID works really well!!

  2. I have just returned mine. Having come from a plus size model I don’t like the smaller screen. Yes it is smaller, having the same width as the normal iPhone, just as bit taller, and most of that space is taken up by the notch. The screen did not wow me, which I think is down to how good previous LCD screens are. Lastly FaceID is to slow and feels like the first generation touchID. The iPhone X feels like a first GEN phone and you know next years version will be awesome. Especially when they make the XL version with a truly bigger screen.

  3. Hey Tong! I think you nailed it! Everything you said was spot on. Crazy how we all think a like. I’m definitely looking forward to the next version already. And iOS 12 see what Apple do. One thing you said which I’m scared to do is use my iPhone x without a case lol.

  4. Move the keyboard lower! You have to be kidding me Brian. The keyboard is further up the screen, so you can type comfortably. If it was lower you would need yoga thumbs!

  5. omg thats so funny, face id is slower and thats a good thing so you get to stand there looking at the wallpaper while at the checkout, how many more excuses are you going to make, be honest you want touch id back

  6. I must admit the screen is nice BUT that NOTCH bothers me. I tried to ignore it but since I watch a lot of movies and videos on my phone it’s hard. I think Apple at one point will get rid of that. For a person coming from 7 plus it does feel smaller.

  7. Love the fresh take on the review format, almost like just talking to a well informed friend. How many different panning slow motion shots of precariously placed phones can we have anyways ?

  8. While we already have swiping gesture on android for years……can even choose what you want with gesture…….no root needed……anyway let's just hope apple will listen to their customer

  9. That's a really good point about the digital replacement home button using 3D sense technology to emulate the old physical home button. I like the functionality of the home button and wouldn't really miss the fingerprint scanner if I could still technically use a home button. It's such a basic idea but a really good one!

  10. When viewing the now-playing song in the music app, the software does a beautiful job hiding the notch. The design is clean and natural and does not look like there is just a slice in the top of the phone.

  11. I actually like the separation of iOS devices since they are now more different than ever. I LOVE iOS 11 on iPad and the fact it’s much different than what is on the iPhone X. It’s about time Apple did this.

  12. I rather keep the notch then have ugly unused black bar. I say move everything down so u use more of the screen & space under keyboard. I never really minded the notch but they should make a switch to turn on cropping so the notch is gone for those that don’t like it. The curves of the glass & the notch does give u immersive feel special when u don’t have case on.

  13. With this year's phone prices rocketing, all of these devices come down to preference… I've been an android user since android was introduced to the world, looking to jump on an iphone for the 1st time and i think that tech wise there isn't a better time than now to jump on an iPhone.

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