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iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus camera comparison

Read more about this camera battle: Can you spot the difference …

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  1. I think the price of these new iPhones and other similar phones are ridiculous. I can buy a laptop for the price of this phone . I Can not believe people are willing to pay this kind of money every year to have the latest best thing , this is absolutely crazy to me..

  2. I mean they where soo similar that i had to look super close to see some difference and even then i mostly see a slight color difference rather than the sharpness though. But at the end of the day both of them looks pretty amazing in my opinion and will make great camera and it's unreasonable expect camera upgrade on a phone that came out just after a month lol.

    i make tech based videos in my channel, If you could spare some time please give it a try. I would be really grateful if you could.

  3. Remember that the telephoto lenses aren't used in low light, so a few of the comparisons weren't that useful. They use the main lens and zooms digitally. The faster aperture of the telephoto on the X will probably use it in darker lightings though, so it would've been interesting if you girls did an analysis of what the actual lightning thresholds are for the two different telephoto lenses.

  4. Good comparison. I just like that the screen is almost the size of the Plus but the actual size of the phone is more like the 7/8… The Plus was a bit to large for one hand use… the 7/8 to small of a screen. The Optic stabilization on the X is awesome… to me together worth the upgrade.

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