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iPhone X vs. original iPhone camera test

Ten years on, we see how much the iPhone’s camera has evolved from the original. Subscribe to CNET: Check out our playlists: Download the new…

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  1. The only problem with i phones is that they are Apple trash. They have rarely if ever invented anything themselves. They just steal the vast majority the technology for their devices from other tech companies, are ridiculously over priced and use slave labor to make their obscene profits.. Oh. Did I forget to say they screw their customers through their nefarious deceptive practices?

  2. Shut up about you expected more you try putting a 4k 60fps camera in a SMARTPHONE , with amazing low light capabilities in such a small sensor. Once you do better then you have the right to complain , so for now just shut up 😂😂

  3. For $1000 IPhone X there's no headphone jack, No micro SD card, No home button, No fingerprint sensor and No USB type-C and fast charging is not even free Lol

  4. My very 1st iPhone was 3GS then 4S, 6, 6S and now 7 which is the best iPhone I have ever owned and I have No plans to upgrade to 10 as it is overpriced and I am more then happy with it iPhone 7 😀

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