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LG’s Door-in-Door smart fridge is too gimmicky

With subtle smarts and matte black looks, the LG LFXS28566M intrigued us — but its predictably warm Door-in-Door compartment spoils the appeal. Read the CNET review –…

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  1. The door in door feature has been around for a few years now, intriguing that it's now an issue. I thought the smart functionality was being called out as gimmicky based on the title of this video. Sounds like the smart features were handy not a hindrance

  2. $3k for a fridge is just stupid. I have to update my appliances as they are 15 years old. I'm just not willing to spend more than $1,500 on a fridge and I cringe doing that. Do people really desire web or smart home from a kitchen appliances? I can see the use case for lighting, blinds, AV or even a thermostat but not appliances.

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