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Nest goes back to Google

After purchasing Nest in 2014 and spinning it off under parent company Alphabet in 2016, Google is bringing the smart-home devicemaker back under its wing. Google and Nest reunite in push…

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  1. Nest products should support both Google Assistant & still be compatible with Alexa, but it could be made better optimized for the Google Assistant. And given the beef between Amazon & Google with Amazon refusing to sell Google products in order for customers who shop on Amazon's website to buy the Amazon products & Google pulling YouTube from the Fire TV if I'm not mistake, I feel like google would just ditch Alexa all together to stick it to Amazon

  2. Check it out only buy products that use the echo and Google that's just the way to go if one product doesn't want to go that way go to their competitors and everything is cool then do it all

  3. All my devices have come with both Alexa and Google Assistant. I also have been using IFTTT. That the Harmony Hub going, and the broadband too. I also have the Chromecast and of course Echo. I'm really enjoying it all I love building some new skills for myself and new tools everything automated really helps me out being a disabled young woman.

  4. If my freaking thermostat ever stops functioning as the way it was sold, I'll probably never buy another one of these "smart" thermostats again. It's not a damn cell phone that should have to be "upgraded" every 2 years.

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