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Net neutrality heats up with the FCC (The 3:59, Ep. 321)

Starts @ 2:15 before the edit. We talk about net neutrality, Uber’s breach and Black Friday shopping in VR Net neutrality: Uber: …

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  1. The argument over the ISP shouldering the burden of those 4k video connections from Netflix seems to be missing something. How expensive is each connection to the ISP? If they are just providing a pipeline for you to get to the server then why should it be enormously expensive for them to connect you there? Maybe I don't fully understand how the connections work but I thought that might be important to mention.

  2. If the senario you mentioned happens where you pay more for certain packages to connect to specific websites then you will see a drastic decline in internet traffic. I know I'm not going to pay extra to connect to certain websites.

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