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Net neutrality rollback: is the open internet under siege? (The 3:59, Ep. 325)

Starts @ 2:05 before the edit. We weigh the impact of net neutrality rules and ask whether FCC chairman Ajit Pai or Twitter is more damaging to the internet.

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  1. If Verizon has a fast lane and it's making billions other isp's will follow. If for no reason other than they're public traded businesses. If they can't produce competitive profits their value declines and they eventually fold. All it will take is for one isp's to go rogue.

  2. This is what will happen if they repeal Net Neutrality!
    1. There will be a fee for everything you want to see or access. This means a Fee separate fee for Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, etc.. Just by your ISP. This will above what you pay for the service. (Micro Transactions for everything!)
    2. Your privacy will be gone Completely the Government will now spy on you legally.
    3. Small business that run on the internet will go out of business since they will not get any traffic to their sites without paying their ISP a fee to get traffic. (They will be Blocked) This will flood the job market with people put out of work. Thousands of companies will go out of business over night. Even GoDaddy and other hosting companies will drastically be affected and might go out of business if thousands of web sites cannot afford the ISP fee to get traffic. (Site Cancelations!)
    4. Less IT jobs will be available since large server farms will not be needed as much since many will not be able to afford there service anymore, this means less Shopping, Banking, or the use of any other online services that records need to be kept, like your passwords etc..
    5. Prices on everything will go up! Since many will cancel their services since they cannot afford them. The ones that remain with a service will have to bear the cost.
    6. It will affect the whole economy, everything from banking online, to Shopping online and even doing things like trading Stock online there will extra fees.
    7. You will only be able to go to sites that the ISP redirects you to. If the Web site has not paid a fee to the ISP you will never even know it’s there they will be blocked.
    8. Your internet speed will be throttled to very slow speeds unless you pay a hefty free to speed it up. (Might as well go back to dialup!) Extra cost on top of all other fees.
    9. No more surfing the net, it will be too costly, it will eat up your data allowance for the month.
    10. Gaming with Xbox, PS4 or PC will be prohibitive due to the speeds needed to pay lag free and most that will not be able to pay the fee involved. This will put businesses that support this industry out of business due to people not buying their gear anymore since they cannot use it without lag or have no internet access, and in effect even potentially put companies like EA out of business at some point since most of their games are internet based people will stop buying them since they cannot play them online anymore.
    11. Shopping online will decline drastically, No internet no Shopping! Cost will be passed on!
    12. You will have NO say in what you can see online, what websites you visit, games you play, interests you have, it will all be governed by if that website can afford to pay ALL the ISP providers a fee to send traffic to them. If they can’t you don’t see it.
    13. Your personal information can be and will be sold and spied upon by the ISP the government and anyone else that wants it or buys it.
    14. You will not be allowed to view see any information other than what they want you to see. Any other political viewpoints other than there’s will be blocked.
    15. You will not be able to go directly to your favorite website anymore if they have not paid their fee to the ISP. They will be blocked and you will be redirected to a site that has paid their fee.
    16. Netflix and other will raise their fees to pay the fees they have to pay the ISPs. And you will pay the ISP a fee to have fast enough speed to view shows lag free but only sites THEY want you to see. So, you will pay twice.
    17. Any Company that uses the internet in anyway will have to pay extra fees to get any traffic at all to their sites even the big companies and the cost will be passed down to the little guy.
    18. You will be told and controlled what sites you can see and get too since there will be a limited amount of internet sites they approve of or that have paid their fees to get traffic.
    19. Total censorship of what you see and watch
    Simply put the cost of the internet, for most will be prohibitive, many businesses will go out of business, Cost and fee’s will go up for everyone, It will cost many jobs in the IT and gaming industry, Online Shopping will decline, Banking and trading will decline online, In Effect it will throw us back to the dialup stone age! Unless you pay,pay,pay! And even then, you will not be able to access what you want if they don’t like it!

    Oh! And keep in mind That the FCC board has 2 Democrats and 3 Republicans and the Republicans have been quoted as saying that that want to get rid of Net Neutrality the Vote will be 2 to 3. And We can say goodbye to Our Free Uncensored internet!

    I hope it all back fires in their face and after it goes through, and the ISP’s jack the price up They find they are losing money and customers due to people canceling their services.

  3. Rolling back "net neutrality" and keeping the FCC from imposing the "Fairness Doctrine" is freeing the internet. Commies don't like free open media so they try to strangle it using Orwelian propganda slogans like "net neutrality" to eliminate speech they don't like by harrasing content providers out of the public realm.

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