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Net neutrality voted out (CNET News)

The FCC has voted to repeal net neutrality rules. These are the highlights from both sides of the debate. Subscribe to CNET: Check out our playlists:…

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  1. USA are lucky that not once ISP has a large monopoly or else that would result in hell. Here in Australia, one ISP (Telstra) has had the monopoly on our internet for years and that's why we still buy ADSL internet for the price of Cable and Fibre in the US.

  2. For all of you that start noticing lag on certain websites or apps. Well, you know who to thank. Next thing you know, they’ll have the right to terminate any individual from using the internet that speaks agains the government. For those that say its a privilege and not a right, I want you to think the last time phone calls, mail, community meetings, were able to reach the mass public on important topics and be able to express your concerns with in minutes. Nothing will change you say, then why remove it? Two words… CONTROL…. SURVEILLANCE. They will claim to protect us from terrorist. They will use that fear to dominate the masses. In return the masses will silence the outspoken.

    For the people, by the people. All humans are equal, but some humans are more equal then others.

    Animal white house.

    Ps. I really hope Im over reacting.

  3. God everyone's over reacting, did we want net neutrality yes but only the last 2 years has the internet been under net neutrality, most of the life of the internet has been the free internet, there will always be some form of net neutrality just do your research. And before everyone gets there panties in a bunch does this make it okay no but common comments like the internet is dead just proves you're a product of the media and to make you hysterical. There are loop holes in every system, but nobody complains about the censoring do they, people are too easy to manipulate, but who knows maybe it's better that way with stupidity everywhere

    PLEASE READ!!! IMPORTANT!!! First off, I'm a freshman in high school and I love arguing! I want to have my own business, youtube channel, phd, and a side rap career. I completely support your decision to demolish net neutrality! Weird huh? I'm your typical millennial teen, who loves the internet. I go on youtube every day, our school gave us free Chromebooks for school (almost everything is online now, crazy!), I want my own business, and I love memes. Cannot live without my daily dose of memes on youtube (a lot of Bitcoin and Ajit Pai memes lately…). They make me laugh, give me happiness, and is a way to avoid the harsh outside problems going on. Which is why I totally SUPPORT you abolishing net neutrality! I can't wait to finally pay for internet and give these multi-billion dollar internet providers and websites more money they don't need! I am very poor, which is why I am sick and tired of "free internet", boring. I want to pay to do my currently free school work, research, life advice, entertainment, memes, music, how to start my own company, medical stuff, and basically everything internet is used for nowadays. You can't succeed in life anymore without the internet! Which is why I want to start a business without net neutrality! Again, weird! Well it's because since starting a company and advertising and marketing, etc. is costly enough, I thought "Huhh, wouldn't it be better to have to pay to use the internet? I mean, it is the only way to start a business. Marketing and advertising on Youtube, Kickstarter, and other sites. It would be better to pay for that as well, on top of all the other expenses it takes to create your own business and funds.". Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, learning online shouldn't be free either. These kids should add on to their parent's house, insurance, and other bills, so they can learn without it being free anymore. Free is boring, and who cares if you can't afford it! Who cares if the future small business won't exist anymore after December 14 (when you ban net neutrality). Who cares if I can't continue my Youtube channel dreams (you should check me out @ Buff Boy 🙂 without paying money just to go on the site, even though it's been free. Who cares if current money-making, educationless, YouTubers lose their audience and viewers/ad revenue due to a lack of n.n. Who cares if it will be harder for upcoming music artists to be discovered (who need Soundcloud, Youtube, etc to get discovered and become rich so they can exit their harsh and poor lives.). Who cares if the ban of net neutrality sparks riots and hate and boycotts and marches and madness across our lovely motherland. Yeah, I actually hate your idea of banning net neutrality. Ajit Pai, you are being selfish and a communist. You know that EVERYONE disagrees with you. EVEN THE OTHE FCC MEMBERS!!! It's actually making America Worse Again. You are probably laughing at me because this is coming from a 10th grader and you are a Harvard graduate, but I know you know that I'm right and you're wrong. How would you feel if you were a very poor person whose life was ruined by family drug addicts and cancer and diseases. Why can't you stop and think about the side-effects and what others are going through? Why does everything have to be about money, America is supposed to be about the people as well, right? (well, that's at least what I've been brainwashed to know). If America is about the happiness of the people, equally or more than the happiness of money, then is what you're doing the right thing? I like Trump. He is a fearsome guy, says things that may not sound appropriate but are actually true, and a good leader. But I think he/or you is trying to make America a Communist country rather than a Democracy. You're "A Legit Pie". Case Closed.

    (if you don't respond back you are an arrogant selfish person, not caring about the freedom of the people that live in this supposedly "free" country. North Korea seems to be inspiring us.) (You know you lose in arguments and the reason you never lose is cuz you say random crap and smile and mock the objections cuz ur a selfish and arrogant cokhead who is sponsored by Reeses) (the repeal of net neutrality only benefits the tv providers, but the other billions of companies get the opposite effects)
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  5. So the US is becoming like China and Russia….. hmmmmm.

    Happy I'm still living in a country with open internet.

    Send me your email adresses so i can send you guys the latest memes to keep up to date.

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