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New iPhone features will be delayed for iOS 12 (Apple Byte)

Apple will focus on cleaning up its buggy iOS 11 and prioritize that over rolling out all-new features for iPhones in 2018. Also, Apple’s working on new Macs with new co-processors, and the…

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  1. You realise that they thorttled devices to prevent random shutdowns and preserve battery life they just did not disclose it so people got angry. They weren’t purposely trying to drive them away from their devices and upgrade if anything they were preserving the length of the devices lifetimes.

  2. The most annoying thing in IOS 11 is that sometimes when I revive notifications even though it’s set to vibrate it stops playing my music or video. Anyone having the same problems ?

  3. Love how in this video and the last one you kept it real with Apple. I’m a die hard fan for a number of years. But you have to be able to admit when the company you love keeps falling behind.

  4. 😂🙄 Damn Chicken Little, you should stick to Googlicious as what’s with the misleading info. Where’s the great news like Mario Karts coming to IOS or Apple’s 2018 Q1 record reporting revenue of 88 Billion and iPhone sales that make you feel sorry for the so-called best of Android phone makers, especially Samsung. It’s no wonder they have everything riding on their rushed iClone X, sorry, the S9 due to their yearly decline in mobile sales. 😂💯

  5. people who update their mobiles every year are a pieces of shit..they r most useless peopel and i hate em for polluting our earth more n more,,,why someshit heads cant keep their phones till they work good n fine and do all their all problems

  6. I remember he made sarcastic comments on AirPods just based on looks. Man, why you don’t talk about Samsung shitty ad on iPhone. Every January we get reports of iPhone cutting production, hope you can check that on CNET. So don’t make some random comments. I started watching your shows because the way you present it. Now it’s all about criticizing Apple (for everything what they do in every episode), shows like googlicious, yonly glorifying them even after google had a terrible year after many issues with pixel XL.

  7. Apple needs to make an SE version of the IPhone X, something less expensive, something like 32GB 1080p screen, 10MP camera 400$ will be a good sale price but to keep the face detection scan feature

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