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People are throwing money at online media they can get for free (The 3:59, Ep. 329)

Starts @ 4:00 before the edit We break down why music, media and news subscriptions are on the rise, talk about T-Mobile and Verizon’s competing 5G visions and discuss Al Franken’s resignation…

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  1. Trump has zero to do with it. Leftist garbage. —Perhaps, it's as simple as companies have been trying to make from the internet for over a decade?? It's not complicated and not specific to a demographic. If you grow up with big companies offering services via subscription what else would you really know? Napster and peer-to-peer piracy was was a thing 10-15 years ago and was supplanted by companies afraid of losing revenue. Also, the public is far more comfortable spending money online.

  2. Nah I believe Spotify and Netflix is worth paying for premium or a basic plan because I don’t want ads on my screen interrupting and I just want to enjoy the latest trends of movies or tv shows

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