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Preordering the iPhone X? Good Luck! You’ll need it (Apple Byte)

Watch more from the Apple Byte – iPhone X preorders open this week and it’ll be the hardest ever Apple phone to get. Apple is sued for …

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  1. People don't buy this spy phone if the police pick you up they can see all of your contacts making you look at the phone if they don't know what fingerprint you are using they can't get in your phone think about it do you really need a 1.200$ phone

  2. Where to begin:

    At the end of the quote you.

    1. Pretended to be his mouth during the quote while reading his comments.

    2. Said, "You tell 'em Eddie!" and pointed your finger the same as he did.

    3. Said that some people were being babies.

    4. Said you loved the Series 3 Apple Watch (me too! The other didn't do enough!)

    5. Moved on to the Mac mini.

    6. Made an appearance as MacOS Sierra (my favorite!)

    I don't think I've missed anything from that section. I'd REALLY love to win one of these! Thank you so much!


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