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Product Red iPhone 8 Plus, unboxed

How red is red? We compare the new iPhone with the red 7 Plus and lots of other things. Still and video included. Read about the about it on CNET: Subscribe to CNET:…

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  1. Everyone I know has an iPhone. Everyone I know thinks Apple is full of Shit. They refuse to offer their accessories in colors that match their phones. Really? As much as we have our phones with us (All day, until death), as costly as they are, why not? Screw Apple product planners. If not for the eco-system, it would be so easy to switch. iPads in only two colors? Really? This goes on and on.

  2. Very poor video.. though you shot HD.. but the focus is not on the device or the part what the person is showing.. it is always blurry.. need to buckle up to stand good.. thanks!

  3. so im watchin' this iphone unboxing thinking to myself "gee, its been @ least 2 years since I have watched anything from cnet since the cnet tv daily videos player on their website went to crap." Then I snapped out of my a.d.d. and noticed he had a matching bong, welcome back cnet.

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