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Reactions to the iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus and Apple Watch Series 3

It’s our breakdown after Apple officially announces the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE and an all-new Apple TV 4K.

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  1. We had it already.The company spent more time on and emoji Hz than it did even talking about wireless charging isn't even talk about fast charging it turns out you need 3 different angles to complete fast charging which is $90 extra then you're also notice that there's a smaller battery in the iPhone than there is in the 7I mean the thing is just gimmick I yeah it looks nice and the national top is a deal breaker but Samsung still is king here Apple sheep and Samsung loyalist will battle on this about forever .

  2. Samsung is better and I've had all the iPhone's. I currently have the s8 plus and couldn't be happier. When I can upgrade I will be going to the note 8. Apple just doesn't impress me. Samsung has been doing this stuff better for a long time and cheaper👍😁

  3. Did you pay attention to the reason they gave for waiting on this OLED display   it wasn't a PPI issue. Also…they just released the most advanced phone on the planet and you are complaining about the notch? lol A bar would have been worse! lol

  4. Apparently the reason the phone didn't unlock and requested user ID pin, was it had scanned people's faces that where placing the product and standing at the podium- didn't recognise them so locked the phone so it needed the id pin, the backup one was out of the way of being able to scan.

    So BBC news says 🤔

  5. The event was fine, it fill most of the expectations, good to see that you included the correction why the Face ID failed when it failed to Andy Rubin he did not had a backup  however, I don't mind the notch I think that will evolve in the future, agree about the symmetry of the phone's screen is lost.
    I think the Apple byte did not make enough mention to the iPhone 8 which I think will be the real powerhouse moving sales or at least I'm going to think on.

  6. I'm just gonna get the note 8 sorry apple I'm switching back nothing exciting here just the emojis but who really cares about that Samsung been doing the face id also iPhone is playing catchup I rather spend a 1000 on the Samsung note 8 with a spen 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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