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RIP Windows Mobile, new Oculus and Kindle

The week’s most important tech stories include Microsoft’s focus shifting away from Windows Mobile, Facebook’s debut of a cheaper Oculus VR headset and …

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  1. Out of the gate? When Windows Mobile came out, it was one of the top mobile OSs. Windows Mobile came out in 2000-ish, and I bought my first one in 2005. I miss some of the multitasking tweaks, like having your notification bar act like a 'Start' bar. Windows Mobile was already losing to Blackberry when iOS & Android came out, even though it could multi-task & cut'n'paste (the iPhone couldn't). By the time they switched to calling it Windows Phone, they were near the bottom of the pile (and I'd already switched OSs).

  2. MS kills its os and still gets updates for bugs and security
    meanwhile android doesnt give a f after you buy the device
    its all in the hands of the manufacturer and in the mercy of the carrier
    I think peoples choose the wrong os

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