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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 reveal set for Aug. 23; Musk plans East Coast hyperloop

In this week’s wrap-up, Samsung announces an official date for its Note 8 event. Meanwhile, Elon Musk tweets about building a new way to get from NY to DC.

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  1. really people??? Almost a year later and we still doing exploding jokes??? lf you hate Samsung thats one thing but keep on using the same tried joke after the s8 proved otherwise… pathetic 💣💥

  2. Samsung just makes the screen wider then slaps on a price tag same shit every year with all their other shitty phone duplicates no innovation in technology or software I don't know what ppl see in Samsung phones or android in general they have the worst software, worst updates, worst security, worst designs an they explode too 🔥🔥🔥

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