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Samsung shows off its Siri and Alexa competitor

Samsung demonstrates its virtual assistant Bixby, which will be available on the Galaxy Note 8 and now runs in over 200 countries. See our Galaxy Note 8 …

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  1. Did u see how long it took to turn on bixby and let it understand that this is a pizza slice and then put the photo into food photo collection. It takes ages! Apple would never launch something like that if it would take ages

  2. He said those commands so unnaturally. Who says goodnight like that? Sure, he wanted to make sure it understood him the first time, but a simple goodnight should not be something it gets wrong.

  3. Two words and it changes so much setting…. What if i dont want that much setting changed? Over doing it much? How lazy are people going to be? These are just simple things by just a few taps away. Garbage

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