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Silicon Valley speaks out on DACA, Trump’s NASA pick

In today’s tech news, Silicon Valley wants to support children of immigrants, President Trump nominates NASA’s top job and “Smile to Pay” launches in China.

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  1. Undocumented children need to go back to where they came from and come back officially as Americans through the immigration system when they're old enough on their own. Shame on their parents for doing this to them, very disgraceful. Trump is making a RIGHTEOUS decision. Most ppl are against what's right, so of course they'll complain and hate and blah blah blah Trump is so evil. You fools.

  2. Give foreign nationals in state tuition price, while other Americans can pay full price. Anyone who looks thirty-ish shall be immune from any need of documentation, given a sort of Carte Blanche from the unfairness of following laws most people must adhere to. And as most have no documentation, if they say there DACA eligible, their word should be enough to allow them unfettered access to all benefits AND MORE than what legitimate Americans can receive. Seems fair to me!

  3. What's the point of having a country if we don't have laws and enforce those laws?

    Don't like the laws? Elect politicians and have them change or make new laws. That is what makes us a great country. Otherwise, we'll end up like those 3rd world countries.

  4. So if you illegally cross the border your children get free health care and education, and if we try to kick you out you call us racist and then we give in and let you stay and grant you everything you want.. WOW! what a deal. USA is the dumbest country on earth.

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