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Snapchat Spectacles review (2018)

At $150, these sunglasses with a camera are pretty pricey. Read about Spectacles at CNET: Subscribe to CNET: …

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  1. I think i would look cool with these on while im cruising in my very custom car.. but like you said theyre more focused on snapchat or only good for that.. and i personally dont use that app.. would be cool if they make a really nice version.. that has great battery life and a nice camera.. i think they look cool.. but the fact that its weak in those terms makes it not good enough for me to use.

  2. Nothing but a gimmick. The only reason why I would buy them is because I’m a fool for tech But however, the price is step for what’s given. It would be one of those rare products that no one has but when seen on ones face it’ll be like a caveman playing with fire.

  3. How about making them less ugly and stupid looking and why cant we have a "regular" angle of vision to take regular video that we are all used to and actually want to see….this dumb shit going to fail 2.0 …

  4. only two colors too? lots of blood & crips gonna snap their shoot out now lmao also wish they added the native transfer w/ no white borders but baby steps i guess and poor Snap, inc the jenners ain't buy enough of them i guess too

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