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Spot fake Amazon reviews in a flash (CNET How To)

Is that 5-star rating legit? Here’s how to find out for sure. Watch more from CNET How To – Subscribe to CNET: Check out our playlists: http://cnet.c…

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  1. Just look at negative review. No product is perfect and how every people feel about a product are different. Thus I only read the negative review which normally comes with particular details about what they complain about, to see if it's something that i would bother. And I don't think any company going to fake a negative review

  2. Amazon reviews are 100% useless. I automatically ignore those by "Amazon customer", 5-star and 1 star ratings. Amazon reviews are great to see how dumb your fellow neighbours really are. Example: 5-star rating followed by the comment: It's okay. And I don't take the "verified purchase" seriously because it's not a gauge of intelligence. Unless there are hundreds of ratings I only check the price.

  3. Who the hell ho trough all this shit to buy something, if I like the look of it or I need it, I’ll buy it, if it doesn’t work or I don’t like it, I’ll return it.

  4. As a reviewer myself, it's a pain in the hind quarters to us to get lumped in with these paid off/fake reviews that pop up on Amazon and so many other sites….some of us work really hard on our reviews, spending lots of our own cash to both buy and use the products we review. I've been flagged on FS particularly a few times as being a fake review simply because I gave said item a 5 star rating and used some of their trigger terms like "it's great" and "well made". You really need to read up on, or at least look at, the reviewers profile that you're reading, it can really help separate the fake from the real. As Rick says, use your own judgement in the end.

  5. Have they stopped allowing reviews for products that haven't even been released yet? Hate it when something comes out and it's been spammed with 5 star reviews from people that are just looking forward to it

    And can we get rid of joke reviews? Amazon review (for a Pedometer):
    "I took this chunk of crap to both CPAC and a local Chuck E Cheese and did not detect a single Pedophile. 1 star"

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