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Star Wars fatigue and the best kind of French fry

In the third episode of Quick Question, Jeff Bakalar discusses The Avengers: Infinity War, his fear of human drivers and whether now’s the time for a new gaming PC. Jeff’s interview with Danny…

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  1. I don't really have Star Wars fatigue. I can still watch the originals a bunch and love them. My problem is all of the shitty fucking Star Wars movies that have come out recently. I don't understand why directors these days have such a hard time making a good Star Wars movie. The cartoons are awesome, why can't they just make a movie from those?

  2. Thanks for answering my Question!

    You suggested I wait to build a new GPU until the cryptocurrency market crashes, but wouldn't the GPUs that were used for mining be bad purchases?
    Running at full power 24/7 must not be good for those things…

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