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Take off in the cockpit of the future

Future planes will come with voice controls for pilots and displays that show the crew even more detail than before. It’s all designed to make your flight even safer and more enjoyable. Watch…

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  1. Synthetic Vision is nothing new and is not only on a "few Gulfstreams" but also in most new single engine propeller aircraft. The 3D representation of the airport is new however and looks kinda useful but nothing that I feel like I'd need as a pilot. Also, pilots, including me, should be able to taxi on the right taxiways without a magenta line showing the right way on the ND. Yes, taxing on an airport can be very dangerous, but a simple 2D chart is more than enough to get you safely to where you need to go. I mean after all pilots are well trained people and don't just hop in an aircraft and go.

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