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Team USA’s Olympics Opening Ceremony heated jacket

We tried on Ralph Lauren’s high-tech heated jacket for the 2018 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony. The company may use this conductive ink system in future clothing. Subscribe to CNET: http://bit….

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  1. With my knowledge the First jackets with HEAT UP system in the world is by "BLACK YAK". BLACK YAK made it to adjust temperature by using your own cell phone as well, back in years ago. I even remember Yakon Heating jackets also able to adjust humidity and these days you can buy them range of $100-$500 some were bit more than a thousand dollars.

  2. Ralph Lauren should get off their "I'm Better Than Thou Art" attitude and actually hit the streets and ask some of us that work outside for an extended amount of time. Me being one of those people and using heated jackets, I can tell you exactly what they need in their jackets and where the heating pad should be. At a price of $2,500(!!?!?!?!?!???) I would NOT wear this jacket in sub zero temperatures. I hope Ralph Lauren has a LOT of notebooks ready, because there is going to be a LOT of negative feedback on these parkas. I don't have one and I would complain about the battery size and placement. A battery that big should be able to heat the parka for 11 hours on the high setting and somewhere around 25 hours on the low setting. There are more complaints I have about this jacket, but Ralph Lauren can hand me a check for my opinion.

  3. A singularly uninformative "review."
    So what kind of fabrics and insulation material does the coat have? Is the Zipper two-way so it can be opened from both top and bottom? Is it large toothed for easy operation with gloved hands? Is the hood removable? Will it rotate freely over the collar so it turns with your head? How many pockets, and where? Does it have open and closable ventilation points, and where? Does it have a removable liner or vest? Arm pleats for flexibility? Plug-in points for electric gloves and trousers? The fabric sounds noisy when you move in it — something you don't want.
    Finally, an electric [I] 'patch',[/I] in the [I]back[/I] (the one place that doesn't get cold)? Shouldn't the heat be on the anterior and lateral torso and arms. — where it does get cold? How durable is this conductive ink? How much flexure or washing before a crack develops and it's useless?
    I've worn plenty of electric gear. The wiring is never intrusive or stiff, so why this was emphasized I have no idea.

  4. Its a great idea and should be put into mass production for the comfort of humanity in the cold . But it shouldn't be used by athletes, the cold weather might be an advantage for high physical performance .

  5. ??? The way she was describing sounded like someone who was wearing any real winter jacket indoors…. I mean, you will feel warmer eventually… Was it even working…. She said "i kinda feel it" like 3 times… lol sure you werent just warming up from having a winter coat on?

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