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Tesla unveils Semi truck, EA makes changes to Star Wars Battlefront II

In this week’s wrap-up, Tesla boss Elon Musk proudly introduces the world to its all-electric commercial truck. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts removes …

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  1. This video is wrong about a lot of thing.

    With a full load of 80 thousand pounds the truck can do 0-60 in 20 seconds and drive 500 miles on a charge.

    0-60 in 5 sec without a trailer.

    The roadster would be the quickest production car in the world not the fastest. "Fastest" implies it has the highest top speed which it doesnt.

  2. They didn't make it easier to unlock characters in battlefront 2. At least not as easier as they claimed since they lowered the amount of currency you received in a proportional amount to the change in price

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