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The dumbest trends in phones today (CNET Top 5)

Over their existence, mobile phones have gotten smaller, thinner and smarter. But right now, we’re seeing some questionable choices affecting a lot of phones. Subscribe to CNET:…

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  1. Number one dumbest thing for me is the notch what a stupid idea why not put the technology up above the screen instead of cutting into it the screen. number 2 is removing the headphone jack stupid idea and all companies that follow apple in the notch well they're just too stupid

  2. The thing about removing the headphone jack is that it's inevitable. If it's killed now in a decade everyone will use usb-c headphones for the same experience with better audio

  3. My Revised Top 5 List…How It Should Have Been:
    I. No Expandable Memory
    II. Excluding The Option To Move Apps To SD Card
    III. Non Removable Battery
    IV. Excluding The Headphone Jack
    V. Bendable/Foldable Phones

  4. I guess I'm in that demographic that had already switched to bluetooth headphones and don't get all the bitching about the headphone jack.
    I thought bluetooth headphones were a godsend, FINALLY I can use headphones without having an anchor tied to my head.

  5. PRECISELY…And We Can Give A MASSIVE No Thanx To Crapple iPhone For That Bloody Ridiculous Notch Rubbish… CLEARLY They Didn't Think That Through…How Bloody Ridiculous Looking It Is Watching A Video In Ones Device With A Notch In It…
    Also While I Once Thought It Would Be A Cool Idea…U No Longer Like The Idea Of Bendable Or Foldable Phones… That Should Have Been In The List… Nothing Wrong With Assistance Or Thin Phones…I Agree~Amazon And Google Have The Best Ones…And U Stole My Word…I Started Saying Dumbness In 1982…I Shall Sue.. Just Kidding…๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  6. Yes lack of a headphone jack is top of my list. Especially in Apples case, Headphones sound great on that phone. And no I don't want to carry an expensive dongle or be forced to use Bluetooth or lightning headphones. Luckily I have the SE so it's not a problem here.

  7. Just wait 5 years and lets see if "killing the headphone jack" was a dumb idea. Its a step forward in the right direction, somebody had to start the trend so it might seem stupid for current generation phones but forcing the industry into making good wireless earphones will be worth it in a few years. It was a sacrifice made to push the whole industry.

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