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The Google Drive app is dying — time to update (CNET News)

The desktop program for backing up files to Google’s cloud is changing. Get to know the new system now. Subscribe to CNET: Check out …

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  1. Sorry, I think she has it wrong. Google Drive Backup is going away (part of the Google drive app), not Google Drive ( I mean how would we get to our files if the app disappeared?) Right??
    I think she is a little confused ..

  2. This is for the Google drive Desktop application for PC only, right? Didn't see anything online about the android and iOS app being replaced. For God's sake, have some clarification or don't report this shite.

  3. Welcome to Google Drive; where the NSA stares at your word documents and pictures without permission.

    No, seriously, screw cloud storage. I will be sticking with external SSDs and microSD.

  4. How stupid, why not just update it vs changing it and renaming it! Also, what happens to the unlimited google pics app?. Do we still get the unlimited storage for the pics or do we fall under the measly 15gb?

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