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The Google Home Mini is great, but is it too late?

Read the CNET Editors Take here – This $50 smart speaker packs the full, voice-activated intelligence of the Google Assistant. Can it take …

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  1. It's funny how the author says the Google mini looks better and sounds better where it's both the other way around. The Echo looks way better and the Google mini is sounding too "bassy" and dull which is bad for voice, which needs a more higher frequency sound like the echo has. Also the dot is smaller, has a line out… It also costs 59Euro here in EU which is $69… All three colors of the Google Mini are also disgustingly ugly btw.

  2. I've enjoyed the Amazon for a while now but I've always wanted better web search capability now that the mini is here for the price of an echo, it's a lot more attractive, I don't think it's too late it's even more powerful and it's a better price, perfect timing in my book.

  3. owning a google home over and alexa is a no brainier, google home is better in every way! i guess marketing is key! thats the only reason amazon is leading

  4. This review is kinda dumb. How in the world is having to position your Dot in close proximity to your speakers, and having to plug your Dot with extra cables, directly into said speakers "a much, much better" option than the Google Home Mini connecting wirelessly and seamlessly to your speakers no matter their location and/or distance from the Mini, via a single Chromecast Audio which is connected to your speaker?

    Also, as pointed out by other people leaving comments here, the fact that the Mini actually is a great speaker (unlike the Dot), looks better, is smarter, and can distinguish between different voices in a household and answer queries differently, accordingly puts it far ahead of the Dot.

    Finally, the claim that you "can't" pick up the Mini without messing with the volume is ridiculous and absurd. If you must constantly pick it up (I don't know why) and "messing with" the volume bothers you that much, here's a hint: The volume controls are on the right and left. So just pick it up holding the other ends…you know…the top and bottom.

  5. One would think that if you're in the market to purchase a new virtual assistant the overall intelligence level of that virtual assistant, that is the ability to answer questions quickly and accurately, would be one of the most important considerations in making your purchase. Here we have a situation where Studies have conclusively shown that Google home is 6 times more likely to be able to answer your question then Alexa. It's almost as if when you ask Alexa a question you're speaking to an 8th grader and when you speak to Google home you're questioning a PhD student. There really is no contest. Now perhaps the ability of these devices to answer your questions isn't the most important thing for you. Maybe you want it to control your devices or you want it to do shopping for you or one of the other host of things these devices can do. But when one device far outshines the other in basic intelligence, and the ability to answer your questions to the tune of its ability being 6 times greater than the competition, that is clearly a major distinction between the two products.

  6. It's not too late, just because Amazon did it doesn't mean Android can do it better. And considering everyone 86% phones and Android product of one type or another or uses air service. It's practically time to come out since they're in more markets now than ever. It's not like apple is going to come out with a competing service that is as good as Amazon or google without being close minded and limited.

  7. Stop spreading fake news rye crisp you can use it with a Bluetooth speaker and you don't need to Chromecast according to some stupid guy here in the comments I think his name is Alex Cito Espinoza or something like that and he's really against fake news so stop spreading fake news right crisp Reich crisp

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  10. The Dot to me was always a device to connect to other speakers, but the Mini is not. I could have regretted my decision to get the Dot if the Mini had an aux jack, but it doesn’t so I don’t.

  11. You forget another point you can now make phone calls from Amazon echo and echo dot or send texts or just drop in on people, I guess amazon wins

    Plus the new ones have a better sound and a smart home hub built into it again amazon wins

  12. It's not too late at all, especially when the Google Assistant is better than Alexa overall as an assistant. And I would buy it any day over the Dot if it wasn't for one problem.

    The big problem with the Home Mini is it's missing the audio output. It just baffles me why Google chose not to include an audio output Jack, maybe it was because they didn't want to affect their Chromecast sales. I just don't think a Chromecast is a justifiable solution since it's a separate device you have to purchase, so unlike people who purchase a Dot you would have to spend another $35 just to connect it to a speaker. So like this reviewer said I don't think it's going to sell as well as the Dot either because of the lack of the audio output port. I think this was a really big mistake on Google's part.

    Don't get me wrong and I think Chromecast audios are great devices and they have their place but it just doesn't make any sense to have to purchase two devices to do the same thing that one device can do.

  13. I have got Alexa Dot and I am planning to get Google Home Mini just to see how they will develop and then in one two yours ones the technology mature I will get the more expensive one from the winner.

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