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The HomePod reviews are in! (Apple Byte)

Apple delivers with great sound, but does it do anything better? iOS 11.3 gets a new Battery Health feature, and we’ve got Apple Watch and iPad news. Apple HomePod review –…

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  1. The Home Pod is definitely not for me. (That and I don't own an iPhone.) And even if I did have an iPhone, I wouldn't get the Home Pod. Why spend $350.00 on a single good sounding speaker with no real capabilities, when I can take that same $350.00 and buy not one, but two Sonos One Speakers that have the Amazon Alexa built in and can do a plethora of tasks that are actually useful and tied to an assistant thats far superior to Siri. The Sonos One speaker is almost as good sounding as the Home Pod already. And I can get two for the price of one Home Pod.

    It literally makes no sense to get the Home Pod. Plus the Home Pod allows anyone to use it. So anyone could get your messages and send messages from your device that you have in the home.

    I could also just take a $40.00 Amazon Echo and hook it up to an already existing home audio setup and be big money ahead.

    Just think, If you had a pair of giant tower speakers and an audiophile setup already, a $40.00 Amazon Echo can literally annihilate a Home Pod in audio quality. And all for just $40.00 is all. And it would have better intelligence and a million more capabilities as the icing on the cake. And it works for both IOS and Android! XD

    I just can't recommend a Home Pod to any of my friends. I literally would feel bad If I did that. The Google Home and Amazon Echo smart speakers are just to far ahead at this point. And there are better cheaper options to get these assistants with higher end audio.

    The Home Pod has good audio. But so do a lot of $350.00 speakers. good audio isn't going to drive sales for the typical consumer looking to get a voice assistant speaker.

    Apple has to try to focus on its sound quality right now. Because it's defeated by the competition in every other metric.

    So in my opinion it's a good sounding piece of S%#*.

    Buy what you like I say. But I'm also saying glad it's not my money being spent. ^_~

  2. My Echo Plus is actually really impressive.. sound quality fills the room, and the highs are high, with deep basses to back them up.
    If I wanted more, I wouldn't buy a HomePod, I'd get a proper setup. …For much cheaper xD

    As for Apple Watch, I love my Series 1, but I really feel like they would be smart to keep a Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 line-up. Here's my idea:
    Series 1 = base (e.g: current Sport editions) -> Cheapest, Series 2 = Swimproof w/ GPS, stainless steel, IonX back (better quality than sport, but not completely top of the line) –> fancier but not too expensive, Series 3 = Swimproof, GPS, LTE, sapphire back (the best you'll get without going designer on it) –> fanciest without being most expensive. Then have "Edition" and "Hermes" doing their thing with the other expensive stuff that'll be even more outdated in less than a year –> Most expensive and fanciest.

    Or just keep the weird naming scheme and make me wish I had a Series 1 in Stainless Steel instead of the horribly pitting aluminum.. ;'D

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