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The Major Flaw with Facebook’s New Mission

CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to bring the world together using groups — even as the News Feed’s design may keep us divided. Subscribe to CNET: …

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  1. Obvious what the Flaw is….its Adolph Zuckerberg….Facebook is Anti Freedom and Pro Fascist..home to violent extremist and the bastion of the anti free speech movement … President Trump will file Antitrust charges soon..Bye Bye facebook….

  2. This is what happens when you spend to much time in side. The world isn't all smiles and rainbows, not to mention sounds like you can get some cancerous groups out there. 4Chan is a community but not a good one. Plus has this guy ever heard of what a sub reddit is?

  3. The problem is that Zuckerberg thinks we actually take Facebook seriously, Facebook wants to be sort of like the saviour of the world with world missions and shot , but people actually consider it boring and just use it because everyone is there and mostly to see news.

  4. I think if Facebook wants to make this thing work in a great way, they should look at video game groups like Xbox live partys or discord chats and even study groups that friends have at colleges. These are some of the most engaging places to interact with people and make life long friends.

  5. Never been easier to exist in your own bubble. This is going to create SO much extremism! Facebook thinks they're uniting people, but instead they're the most responsible for the divide. The way to bring people together is through conversationcriticism of opposing ideas, a negotiation instead of a winlose (non-zero-sum) and that can never happen if everybody around you agrees with you and is afraid to disagree.

  6. Fake News on FaceBook = Views that FB don’t agree with. E.g. Pro-Trump, pro-Brexit, anything considered Islamaphobic or homophobic or anti feminist, the list goes on.

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