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The tech that died in 2017

Time to say goodbye to the gadgets and services that met their demise this year, including Windows Phone, the Kinect, 3D TVs, Apple’s Shuffle and Nano, and AIM. AOL’s AIM sets its away message……

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  1. The real truth of why Apple discontinued the Shuffle and Nano had less to do with it being an MP3 player and more to do with the level of storage they held.

    The Shuffle was 2GB and the Nano was 8GB and 16GB. As good as they were, they were very limited in storage…especially for people with huge music collections.

  2. Microsoft products are just terrible, and waste of money seriously. The Microsoft Surface will eventually fail in the future too. Microsoft has more than normal discontinued hardware rate, than any other hardware companies.

  3. Aim was the worst loss, can care less about that buddy list. The only thing that matter was the ability to send large files directly peer-to-peer, there where no need to upload to and sharing site for the other user to download

  4. Apart from the dumb funeral style, this was a great vid. Your a true comfort Bridget……….. NOW WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE MAKE COOLEY TEST THE MODEL 3 I constantly see amateur reviews by current owners

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