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This group fights to save your lizard brain from tech addiction (CNET News)

The Center for Humane Technology is a new alliance lobbying for change in the design of social media and gadgets to help with tech addiction. A Silicon Valley league assembles to fight tech…

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  1. Facebook’s purpose has been overshadowed by non relevant content that makes facebook poisonous, try to live without social media, life is much more meaningful, you become more creative rather than scrolling up and down.

  2. Step 1: Know why people get addicted in the first place.

    I know why I was hyped for VR. I know why my grades dropped and my time infront of the screen increased.

    My life didn't improve, I got depressed, and no one was aware of it.

    Taking the bottle away from the alcoholic isn't going to make them stop it's just going to motivate them to find another bottle or alternatives.

  3. I could not hear anything. The pretty white lady stole my heart and my ears dont work. Can you hire an ugly white lady. I know ppl like her, but my mind drifted off. God lord, what eye candy she is

  4. BRIDGET can you tell anyone up there that its 2018 and WHY is a CNET still shooting in 1080P? It took you guys 5 years to starts uploading in 1080P when people started to shoot in 4K. Please for the love of your channel keep up with the times!

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