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Tim Cook talks up wearables, mobile payments and healthcare

Investors descend on Apple Park for the company’s annual shareholder meeting. Watch the CNET News video here –…

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  1. Did you guys catch that? Apple is bringing 300B back to the US and is only paying about 13% tax.

    Lowering the corporate tax rate is not something to be excited about. The former 35% was the nominal tax rate, but only had an effective tax rate of about half of that because of tax loopholes and such. Now corporations will be able to pay even less taxes with the nominal rate now being slashed to 21%.

    The effective rate is not the nominal rate, this is how the republicans get you.

  2. Apple really needs something on the scale of original IPhone fast of that brand loyalty will start to bleed away faster and faster. The prices have to match the emotions people feel about a brand or perception will start to carry the message and at that point its hard to recover.

    Apple is failing at both of those at the moment and I think Tim Cook either doesn't care or doesn't see it.

  3. Interesting report. Tim Cook is, unfortunately, not Steve Jobs. Apple does not have the innovative spirit it once had, though it makes great products. I personally am starting to drift away from my Apple-centric life. I just bought the new Samsung Note 8 instead of the iPhone X or 8+ . Apple's "premium" prices and closed-ecosystem do not justify brand loyalty anymore and merit resentment.

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